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Summit 1 Valve Adapter for AIRE Tributary Kayaks.
at Store : NRS
Summit 2 Valve Adapter for Summit 2 Valves. This adapter has a blue ring to distinguish it from the Summit I Adapter.
at Store : NRS
MEK is a specialized solvent/thinner that can be used to prepare the surface of PVC and urethane materials before applying a patch, creating a stronge
at Store : NRS
Brand : Ace
Double-reinforced PVC hinge holds D-rings. Stainless steel 1"" D-rings with PVC patch material. Hinge fabric is sewn and glued to patch. Attach using
at Store : NRS
Brand : Aire
Double-reinforced PVC hinge holds stainless steel D-rings. Hinge fabric is sewn and glued to patch. Attach using Clifton Urethane Adhesive. 7.5"" x 7.
at Store : NRS
Brand : Aire
Dig in and hold on. AIRE PVC Footcups make sure you have good foot hold on those steep and deep drops.
at Store : NRS
Brand : Aire
AIRE 43oz. PVC material used for the underside of raft tubes and the floor. Use Clifton Urethane Adhesive or Stabond (TM) to adhere to other PVC mater
at Store : NRS
Brand : Aire
No more pumping with one hand and holding the hose with the other! A quick twist seals the Leafield C7 Valve Adapter to your boat's Leafield C7 Valve
at Store : NRS
Brand : Leafield
Don't let a tear in your wetsuit, sprayskirt or other piece of paddling gear stop the fun. Use McNett Seal Cement for quick waterproof repairs, then g
at Store : NRS
Brand : Mcnett
Holds your pump hose securely in Military/Leafield valves to free up both hands for smooth pumping. The hole that runs through adapter is 1/2"" in dia
at Store : NRS
Brand : Nrs
Showing 1-15 of total 99818 products   

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Mercer - M18000 - The Wide Chef 8" Chef Knife
at Store : eTUNDRA.com
Brand : Mercer Cutlery
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